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Stephen is an American Actor, Musician, former Law Enforcement Officer and current Influencer hailing from Brooklyn, NY.

Prior to his current role of traveling around the Country in a thirty foot Mystery Machine RV trying to cure people with Sheepnesia,
he was known for his recurring role as Detective Jason Kelly on I Am Homicide.

He was formally lead vocalist for one of the East Coasts more popular and extremely “woke” 80’s Tribute Bands where he was fired for exercising his freedom of speech.
The same fate was suffered in the tv & film world where Stephen has also recurred as a co-star on Law & Order: SVU, and has booked co-star roles on Blue Bloods, Power, City on a Hill, Shades of Blue, & The Deuce and many more.

He had a blast in Cuba where he filmed his supporting role as former White House Chief of Staff Mack McClarty in The Wasp Network.Available on Netflix.

His question was answered as to the process of how on set sex scenes were filmed when he booked the role of naughty boy Stan Getz in the thriller Killer Among Us also on Netflix.

He can be seen in tv and online commericals such as Wells Fargo, Luxaire/Make-A-Wish, Red Robin, Modells ADP and many others.

Stephen has also appeared in guest star and recurring roles on Homicide City, The Perfect Murder, Evil Lives Here, Scorned, Dead of Night, Six Degrees of Murder, I'd Kill For You and many more.


With the help of God, nothing can or will stop Stephen from spreading the truth and curing Sheepnesia!

Please visit his IMDB page for a full list of credits.

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